Holey Moley, Dixie Donuts

During the work week, I try to start my day off with something healthy - oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, or an avacado. By the time the weekend rolls around, I crave sleeping in and brunching on some yummy omelets, bacon, bagels, or Mini Breakfast Casseroles. I'm not a huge "bread" breakfast person - I can only do one slice of French Toast or pancake, maybe half a muffin, and I never get scones. But I do love a good donut. Last year, a new donut shop opened in Carytown across from the Byrd, offering a variety of flavors and toppings in total contrast to Krispy Kreme's traditional, sugary donuts.

Enter: Dixie Donuts.

This cute cafe makes their gourmet donuts with a cake base instead of a yeast base. Cake-based donuts usually cook in a fryer faster than the yeast donuts, and as a result they retain less oil. Dixie really thinks outside the box with lots of eclectic flavors like The Virginian (sweet potato glaze topped with peanuts and pecans), Maple Coffee, German Chocolate, Raspberry Cream Cheese. They even have a Girl Scout Samoa cookie inspired donut. Say what?

So since my dog refuses to sleep past 7:30 am...Brian and I went there early one Saturday, spent about 5 minutes picking out our flavors, and gave some to our friend Jake for an early birthday surprise - there is no way we could split a dozen!

If you're in the mood for a breakfast treat this weekend, give this place a try. They're currently working on a gluten-free donut recipe, too.

Have a great weekend! :o)


  1. We absolutely positively LOVE Dixie Donuts. We moved away from Richmond and missed them... couldn't find anything even close. We are providing donuts to all our Richmond employees in our morning meeting.