The Best Sandwich in Richmond

Call me Joey Tribbiani, because I sure do love a good sandwich. I can get protective over them, too. I mean, half the taste is in the smell.

As far as sandwiches go, I'm sure many Richmonders have their favorite spots. Bernie's. The Black Sheep. Superstars. Even Subway for some people (not judging...not judging...). However, my personal all-time-favorite is Chiocca's Deli.

If you haven't been here, I'd advise that you go experience this special deli immediately. If you have, then you know that I'm talking about an old school, "downstairs" bar in the Museum District with a handful of wooden booths and plain black tables. The walls are covered with old photographs, street signs, and nostalgic decor - kind of like a smaller, way more original Applebee's wall. Not that Applebee's could ever compare to Chiocca's...anyway, back to the main focus: the food.

This sign speaks the truth! Piping hot sandwiches and subs like The Sailor (my personal favorite: beer broiled knockwurst, pastrami, swiss, mustard, on rye) and The Beast Feast (roast beef, pastrami, swiss, provolone) are heated layer by layer in a teeny tiny oven. Getting your food can take anywhere from 15 minutes if it's slow to an hour if its packed. Luckily, there are board games and a TV that may or may not be playing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace while you wait (I told you this place was nostalgic). But when the sandwiches come out of that oven and you get your hands around the warm bread, salty cuts of meat, and stringy, melty cheeses...the wait is worth it!

The Sailor

Liverwurst and swiss

The Italian

I would eat here every weekend if I could. Chiocca's, we love you. And, I'd love to show some love for other great sandwich shops in RVA, so let me know what you're favorite is!

Chiocca's Deli | (804) 355-3228 | 425 North Belmont Ave | Richmond, VA 23221


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