Downtown Lunch Spots

There are so many great options for lunch in downtown Richmond that choosing a restaurant at mealtime here can be tricky. From Byrd Street to Main Street, I scoured Richmond's financial district to highlight a few of my favorite spots that are easy on the wallet and walking distance from - well - my office.

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1. Christopher's RunAway Gourmay
Many food carts come and go, but not Christopher's. Christopher's RunAway Gourmay has been feeding the streets fresh and affordable lunches since 1985 - almost as long as I've been alive! Christopher must be doing something everything right. I've frequented the truck outside the SunTrust building on Main many times. Favorite items include tarragon chicken salad with golden raisins, tangy and crunchy marinated cucumbers, classic fruit salad, creamy wedge of cheese. Everything on the lunch menu also comes with a side of soft French bread, and all of it is under $6. SIX DOLLARS. And that is why I love Richmond. Carts are located at MCV - 8th & Main - 10th & Main - 12th & Main.

2. Citizen
Wedged in between tall office buildings and beneath the stairs of concrete courtyard, Citizen is known as downtown's hidden gem serving up flavorful American foods with an international influence. For example, one can order a side of grits with their pulled pork torta (my personal favorite). You can easily have a delicious lunch here for less than $10. With an open kitchen, seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms, and collection of cheeky chalkboards, Citizen is a favorite lunch spot for the downtown crowd. Side note: their breakfast is amazing, too.

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3. Cupertino's NY Bagels and Deli
There really is no need for me to explain why this Main Street restaurant is so great - simply reread the name to yourself: "new york" and "bagels" and "deli." Self-explanatory. :o) These bagels are as close to New York style as I can get here in Richmond (read: this ain't Einstein's). Cupertino's is wholeheartedly adored by Richmonders for its crusty, crunchy outside yet soft, chewy inside. My go-to here is their housemade chicken salad with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Russian dressing on either Pumpernickel or Everything.

Speaking of New York, Jo-Jo's Pizza is a fellow restaurant serving up "authentically Richmond/New York cuisine" just a few buildings down Cupertino's. Downtowners love this place for it's $6.49 lunch special, which gets you 2 slices of delicious, oversized pizza and a bubbly soda. Just like corner pizza joints in NY, there are several slices to choose hiding behind a wall of glass. Once you order, then they pop it in the oven for you and off you go. Boom. Done.

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If you work downtown (or just like to come down for lunch all the time), tell me, where should I eat?


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