DIY Crafty Banner

If you're living above a rock these days, you've probably seen the tons of adorable banners floating around Pinterest and Etsy. All of them are way cuter than that multi-colored metallic one from the party store that was cool in 1997.

There are also a million and one ways to create an cute banner. I followed Shanty2Chic's way of creating a super easy banner to welcome my sister back to Richmond. All the required supplies, except for the letters, could be found at a craft store:

Print all of your letters and cut out each one. I used a glue stick, but using whatever adhesive you have handy, stick each letter on a different paper. Two letters can fit on one 12×12 sheet. Cut a small border around the letters and hang them up with your clothespins on the twine.

Easy, cheap, and it doesn't look half bad! :o)


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