Donut & Fruit Brunch Kabobs

I usually am overly ambitious when planning food for a group setting and figuring out how much food will be necessary. For example, when I made these Greek Lamb Kabobs for Mother's Day, I bought entirely too much meat but ran out of vegetables. A few weeks ago, I made a two pound meatloaf just for Brian and I, with the goal of thinking we'd have some leftovers (hey #mealprep). I quickly learned that two pounds is a ton. I mean, we had meatloaf for days. We hosted a fondue party last New Year's and doubled almost all of the ingredients.

I suppose it's better to have more food than to run out (gasp!), but I also assumed I'd get better at eyeballing portion sizes by now.

Recently, I helped host a bridal shower brunch for one of my best friends. Brunches can be tricky to plan for; everyone has different levels of hunger in the mornings and you don't want to have too much or too little food. As for me, I'm usually starving right when I wake up, but that's another story.

I wanted to incorporate fruit into the menu but wasn't sure a large standard fruit bowl would be the best option, so I made these Donut & Fruit Brunch Kabobs, complete with layers of adorable little Entenmann's Glazed Donut Holes, strawberries, and blackberries.

Healthy fruit nestled around sweet and tasty donut holes makes for easy entertaining!

PS - more on donuts here. I love them.

Donut & Fruit Brunch Kabobs

  • Glazed Donut holes
  • Strawberries, sliced in half and washed
  • Blackberries, washed
  • Wooden skewers

1. Slice the strawberries in half. Assemble each skewer by sliding fruit on carefully, alternating each fruit type along with the donut holes. Leave open space at the bottom 1/4 of the skewer for grabbing and handling.


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