Home For The Holidays

December has always been one of my favorite months of the year. In high school, I most looked forward to sleeping in late during the two week holiday break from homework and tests. In college, I most looked forward to sleeping in late during the four week holiday break from homework and tests.

I'll always remember the great feeling of failing finishing that last exam, hopping in my car (filled to the brim with freshmen needing rides, winter coats, and Ugg boots), and taking I-64 West all the way to Richmond with not a care in the world.

Over those years, I did do more than just sleep in. I had lots of holiday fun...just in the afternoons as opposed to the mornings. :o) And, speaking of holiday fun, there is no shortage of options in Richmond. Here are some of my favorite Christmas-y Richmond things from the past and some I can't wait to do this season.

There are few Richmond traditions more festive than seeing house after house lit up in thousands of Christmas lights. I'm not quite sure why these are called "tacky," either. In my opinion they are beautiful! There's one on my drive home from work and I want to stop there every day. Richmond has some amazing houses on this tour. So even if you don't rent a limo, definitely stop by a few during this month. If you grew up here, you no doubt have a couple favorites. Here's a map for you, and Richmond.com even has a mobile guide so there's no getting lost.

9604 & 9606 Asbury Court -- two of the most popular homes on the Tacky Lights Tour. Richmond.com

This Friday at 5:55 pm, the downtown office buildings will light up once again and the James Center will feature it's magical reindeer and giant Christmas tree. This place seemed so big when I was younger and I have so many memories here - climbing into the tree, hot chocolate at the Omni, stalking Aaron Carter at his concert, and most recently, taking Wally for his first visit. 

| James Center | 9th-12th & Cary Streets |

RVA On Ice

This is relatively new Richmond holiday activity I have yet to experience. Richmond.com couldn't have put it better: "It may not be as grand as the rinks of Central Park or Rockefeller Center, but Richmond’s seasonal skating spot has become a classic in its own humble right. Head downtown to skate, eat s’mores, and enjoy holiday music and movies. Just try not to fall on your face in front of the crowds of small children."

| Corner of Broad St. and 6th Street | November 23-January 30 |

It's not Christmas in Richmond without a trip to the this timeless hotel. As kids, we'd come here and run around the beautiful lobby in all of its Christmas glory -- and try to sneak some candy off of that enormous gingerbread house without getting caught. This year, I still plan to run around the lobby and Instagram that enormous Christmas tree, but not before I've had a few happy hour cocktails at Lemaire’s bar.

| 101 W. Franklin Street |

Brian and I went to this one year a long time ago, thinking it would be a play. After a half an hour, we were confused why no one was speaking. Once it was over, we booked it to Moe's for a burrito and some queso. But since Clara's story of the sugarplum fairies is a classic, I'd definitely like to attend again soon now that I'm older and more appreciative of the arts.

| The Carpenter Theatre at Richmond CenterStage | 600 E. Grace Street |

I was literally just telling Brian that we need more cute, fun Christmas decorations. Two Santa Claus statues and some pine cones on our coffee table aren't going to cut it. I guess I'll be hitting up the Bizarre Bazaar this weekend, Richmond's unique, seasonal marketplace that's running 38 years strong.

| Richmond Raceway Complex | 600 E Laburnum Ave | 10-7 Thursday, December 5 - Saturday, December 7 | 10-5 Sunday, December 8 |

Happy Holidays!


  1. hey. was i the needy freshmen who filled your car to the brim?