Bevy's Best of 2013

Welcome to the last day of 2013! There's going to be lots of ^^ this ^^ going on in our house tonight to celebrate the end of a great year and the beginning of yet another one. I should have listened more closely to Smash Mouth when they said, "the years start coming and they don't stop coming." It's so true.

I just wanted to say a quick, but heartfelt and huge, thank you for spending the year with my little corner of the Internet. I'm both very thankful for the opportunity to have this outlet and excited for what's to come.

For auld lang syne, I'm sharing the top recipes from Bevy this year. They couldn't have more perfectly rounded out some of my favorite, yet very different, items - breakfast, dessert, and appetizer (because obviously desserts and appetizers count as a meal).

Drumroll please...

1. Mini Breakfast Casseroles - These babies were pinned over 1,000 times. What the what? I hope tons of people out there are enjoying these as much as I do!

2. Saltine Toffee Bars - The extra sleeves of Saltines in my cupboard from this batch are just screaming to be smothered with toffee and chocolate. Really, they're so loud and are totally keeping me up at night.

3. Crisp Cucumber Salsa - Assuming we all make it through this winter, this recipe will top my warm weather "must eats" list in a few months.

While I love sharing the main courses I make, I'll also plan to share more of these clear favorites. I can take a hint, y'all. It's just a little difficult to cook a delicious appetizer dip or a five dozen cookies for two people and live to tell the tale.

So with that said, it's about time to pop, fizz, and clink. Cheers to you and yours - see you next year!


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