En Su Boca

Driving down Main Street the other day, I passed so many restaurants I still want to try for the first time and many I want to return to.

Heritage -- I need to try your roasted half chicken.

Baja Bean -- I love the new patio and want a margaritaaa.

Burger Bach -- My mouth waters thinking about the Aucklander burger. Plus, you smell good.

And that got me thinking that I needed to share my experience at a newly opened Mexican establishment here in RVA. What's so special about another Mexican restaurant? Well...this one opened up in a space that previously functioned as an "adult store." But that's not all that makes it special.

What makes En Su Boca exciting to me is a simple, short menu -- but one that left me wanting to try everything. And with the short length of the menu, I'll probably be able to. Because I plan to come back until my mission is accomplished.

The cocktails look unique, too. I settled for a regular margarita but need to get my hands on that "Old South."

And oh my gosh, this fish taco.

No flaky, thin strips of broiled fish here...this was purely peppery, Southern fried, white fish. Yuuum. The carne asada and chicken taco were also tasty (and spicy), but I'm still having dreams about this fish taco. I couldn't get it en mi boca fast enough.

All in all, this restaurant had a nice atmosphere and fresh, good food. Get everything from En Su Boca en su boca STAT.


  1. I really want to check this place out! I feel like I crave Mexican food way more now that the summer feels like it is slipping away!

  2. That looks soo good! We must go here together!