DIY - Wine Cork Magnets

Is your refrigerator running? You'd better go...never mind, that is definitely the worst joke in the book. I love refrigerators, well, really only the food inside...and occasionally the items on the outside. My fridge is currently sporting cheesy magnet decor, ranging from a NYC yellow taxi to an old Geico Caveman slogan. 

I'm also running out of magnets, as they seem to be holding up a lot of wedding/engagement events these days. So, I recently decided to put some of the many wine corks I have laying around to good use and turned them into something useful - wine cork magnets!

What you'll need:

  • Wine corks
  • Exacto knife or other strong, small kitchen knife
  • Magnets - I used strip magnets with a sticky side but think a heavy duty round magnet would be more useful
  • Super glue (if using a heavy duty magnet)

I picked out a few cute corks from my collection, and worked the Exacto knife into the cork lengthwise.

Then, since my magnet strip had a sticky side, I simply cut enough to fit half of the cork. Note: the strip magnets aren't very strong, so if you are planning on actually using these as magnets and not just for decor, splurge for the bigger magnets from the craft store and use superglue to get them to stick to the cork.

Repeat the steps for the other half of the cork, and you're done! This is a great quick project that would be a great way to save that cork from a special event, that vineyard you visited, or just from your favorite bottle of wine.

I packaged these up and tied them with a burlap string as a cute DIY Mother's Day Present, too. Are these on your fridge yet, Mom?

Happy DIYing!


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