DIY Beaded Cake Toppers

Is anyone planning on making dear old Dad a delicious treat this Father's Day? Perhaps the best cake you didn't bake? Here's an easy way to make that cake (or any cake) extra special: beaded letter cake toppers.

This took me all of one night of catching up on DVR-ed episodes of Nashville to complete. I made them for Mother's Day (clearly). They were super simple and they make the cake look awesome!

What you'll need:

  • Lollipop sticks
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Your choice of decorative beads
  • Wooden craft letters

Hitting up Michael's on a Saturday morning has become almost routine for me. While there, I picked out two-inch black wooden letters, different-sized, multicolored pearl beads, and lollipop sticks from the baking section.

I started in one corner of the letters where I placed a little bit of hot glue, sticking beads on top of that carefully. I slowly worked my way around the letters, gluing first then beading. Once the beads were dry, I put down a large blob of glue on the back of the letter, inserted the lollipop stick, and covered it with more hot glue. The "O" needed two sticks for more support.

I'm thinking some of these words would be cute, too (and applicable to life these days): BRIDE, BABY, LOVE...

Happy crafting!


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